Can I use vegetable oil on hair clippers?

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More and more people prefer to cut their hair themselves using hair clippers. If you want hair clippers to perform at the top level, cutting your hair without pulling on them, you have to take care of them. That means using oil on hair clippers frequently.

What if you have run out of oil, what hair clipper oil alternatives can you use? How to apply oil on hair clippers? Can I use vegetable oil on hair clippers? All of these questions will be answered in our article. Keep reading.

What is hair clipper oil?

Hair clipper oil is a lubricating substance that oils the blades, making them glide over the head cutting the hair, without grabbing them.

Using hair clipper oil regularly minimizes the risk of injury when hair gets stuck and pulled. It prolongs the lifetime of the device and also lowers its noise.

Using oil on hair clippers ensures the blades don’t become blunt. The rust isn’t going to appear and will not affect the hair clippers’ performance.

It is important to use proper oil on hair clippers or to know what alternatives are out there you can use. Using the wrong oil might damage hair clippers.

That is why we will discuss below, what you can and what you can’t use.

Why should you put oil on hair clippers?

If you don’t use oil on hair clippers, the blades will eventually start touching the case of the clippers.

It will end up wearing down the blades, and they will stop cutting hair as expected. They might also get bent, which will result in hurting your scalp.

Oiling hair clippers in time will prevent all this from happening and allow you to perform the haircut in minimal time.

How to apply oil on hair clippers?

Applying oil on hair clippers isn’t as difficult as you might think. Follow the instructions below:

1. Squeeze three drops across the blades. Two drops on the ends and one drop at the center.

2. Power the hair clippers on to spread the oil across the blades evenly.

3. Turn the hair clippers off and wipe the remnant of oil using a clean cloth.

What hair clipper oil alternatives can I use?

If you don’t have a hair clipper oil, or it is finished, what other alternative can you use? It is important to know, so you don’t damage the clipper blades.

Let’s discuss what will be fine to use to lubricate the blades of your hair clipper.

1. Mineral oil

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Mineral oil is a well-known oil, which is essentially a by-product of the distillation of petroleum. It is used in cosmetic products and lubricants.

It is a perfect substitution for hair clipper oil seems as hair clipper oil is a refined mineral oil.

The price is affordable and there is no problem finding mineral oil in the nearest store.

Applying mineral oil on blades prevents them from going blunt, and rubbing against the base. It improves the way your hair clippers perform as well.

However, if used in large quantities, mineral oil can damage the blades. So we recommend using mineral oil on brand-new hair clippers only.

2. Olive oil

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One of the vegetable oil – is olive oil is the most commonly used cooking oil. You can try using it as hair clipper oil to lubricate blades.

The type of olive oil doesn’t matter, but the most popular one is extra virgin olive oil. Unlike vegetable oil, olive oil can handle high temperatures.

This type of vegetable oil can be applied to your clippers, and it won’t crumple on the blade.

There is feedback about olive oil that it causes damage to blades. So, bear this in mind when choosing clipper oil to use.

3. Baby oil

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This type of oil is quite close to the content of the mineral oil, just with an addition of perfume and some coconut oil.

You also can use it as hair clipper oil. Even though this oil is specifically designed for small baby skin, some people might become allergic to the components.

If you know for sure, this oil is not going to cause an allergic reaction, it is perfectly fine to use it as hair clipper oil as it doesn’t get affected by the high temperatures.

If there is nothing else around, get some oil onto your fingers and rub it in your clipper blade.

4. Sewing machine oil

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If by any chance you have sewing machine oil at home, it is absolutely fine to use it on your clippers. It is light weighted and great to use on a sewing machine.

The lubrication it provides will definitely improve the performance. That is why your clippers will work as new after you rub them with this type of oil.

The downside of sewing machine oil is that you can only purchase it at a professional store that sells sewing supplies. If there is a sewing machine at your place, you are a lucky one.

5. Wahl clipper oil

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The most popular hair clipper brand is Wahl. Is it what you have? Then it should come with Wahl hair clipper oil.

If it is finished or your clippers didn’t come with it, you can purchase Wahl clipper oil separately.

It doesn’t only work with Wahl brand hair clippers, you can use it with any other clippers, and it will be just fine.

This hair-clipper oil will protect blades from rust forming. Your hair clippers will work smoothly cutting hair without pulling on them.

When it comes to lifetime, hair clipper oil helps to extend it, preventing parts from being damaged.

What are the properties of hair clipper oil alternatives?

Let’s try to summarize, what are the main characteristics of hair clipper oil substitutes.

It is important to know them, so you don’t use something that might break your clippers.

1. The consistency has to be light and thin as it provides better lubrication, penetrating every corner of your hair clipper blade.

2. It must be consistent with natural ingredients, otherwise it is going to affect the quality of your clippers.

3. Whatever product you decide to use, it should be with low viscosities.

That characteristic allows the oily substance to spread across the whole blade of your hair clippers evenly.

4. If you use some thick type of oil like engine oil, and it can cause damage to one of the clipper blades of a hair clipper.

If you use this oil for a good amount of time, it will result in clogging the blade and breaking a hair clipper.

5. When the clippers are on and the blades are operating at high speed, it creates heat.

Whatever substitute you are planning to be using on clipper blades, make sure it can withstand high temperatures.

You should consider all of the above before deciding what alternative you can pick to oil hair clippers.

How often should I use oil on hair clippers?

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There are common recommendations that clipper oil must be used on clippers every time you are going to cut your hair.

It is best to do it twice, at the beginning of the procedure and at the end, when you are finished. Doing it that way will ensure your clippers will perform like new.

Repeating this every time will prolong the lifetime of your hair clippers and will keep them away from breaking.

What oil on hair clippers to stay away from?

Now it is time to answer the main question – can I use vegetable oil on hair clippers or rather stay away from it?

There are types of vegetable oil, including oil for cooking, that shouldn’t be used as clipper oil.

1. Vegetable oil

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There are a few types of vegetable oil such as canola oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil and they all can’t be used to oil hair clippers and any other machine that needs lubrication.

Vegetable oil might reduce the friction of blades, but it can clog them at the same time.

Vegetable oil stays on your clipper blades and accumulates dust and dirt, which in turn can cause them to get stuck and break.

Bear in mind that using cooking oil such as vegetable oils will lead to permanent damage to the clipper blades.

One of the vegetable oil – canola oil is extremely thick to be used on clippers. It can also cause some skin problems. Eventually, your clippers will be broken if you continue using the oil.

Jojoba oil can’t be used on blades as clipper oil, either.

Even though this vegetable oil can cope with elevated temperatures, it can’t be a good substitution for clipper oil and will result in a broken hair clipper machine.

Vegetable oil made out of coconut also can not be used as hair clipper oil. It is too greasy, and staying on the clipper blade for some time will clog it.

2. Silicone oil

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There are different silicone oils that some people use on their clippers.

Just like vegetable oil, it is not recommended due to the thickness and accumulation on blades.

It attracts all the dirt which in turn clogs the machine completely.

If you decide to go for silicone or vegetable oil, you must be warned about the aftermath and how it can affect your clippers.

It also can cause skin rash and allergic reaction, so you would want to rinse your hair as soon as you are done cutting your hair.


What kind of oil can I use on my hair clippers?

The main thing you should consider is a substitute oil must be thin. The best choice is to use a mineral oil or a baby oil.

Squeeze some oil onto your fingers and rub it onto the blades, covering the whole length. Then turn the hair clipper on and let the oil spread across the blades.

Repeat this procedure regularly, every time you cut your hair, to ensure optimal performance and no injuries.

Can you use baby oil as Clipper oil?

Baby oil is a good alternative to hair clipper oil. The substance is thin enough to lubricate the blades nicely.

Your clippers will perform as brand-new each time you do your haircut.

So if you have run out of hair clipper oil, and there is baby oil, it is just as ideal and can be used to improve clippers’ performance.

Can you use Vaseline on clippers?

When you don’t have any other hair clipper oil alternatives, Vaseline can be used as clipper oil.

Grab some of it onto your fingers and rub it into the clippers’ blades.

Make sure you clean the hair clippers from your hair, before applying Vaseline.

To summarize

Now you know the answer to the question – can I use vegetable oil on hair clippers or not? A good alternative is mineral or baby oils. They have a thin consistency that is perfect for hair clippers, as it ensures their optimal performance and long-lasting lifetime. Vegetable oil cannot be used because it is thick and can’t withstand high temperatures.

If this information was helpful, and you have found answers to your questions, please share this article with your friends. If you still have questions left, you should write to us in the comment section below this post.

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